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CAMZINO - The Recipe (Ft. JayO & Marzy)

[Verse1: Camzino]

Every time when I wake up


Got bitches on my phone
They really want to fuck
Got money on my mind
Got a chick on my dick
So I’m moving kind of sick
You aren’t like this

Hol' Up

You ain’t even on my wavelength
You ain’t ever seen a pay check

My nigga you don’t smoke cess
Ah, you be piffing on grass
Thinking you’re hard
Nah I don’t pretend

Ima beat your chick
And then slap your friend
Say she came for money weed and weather?
She came cos my dick game gets her wetter
Whatever weather, the flows hot
Ice cold chain, it’s a lot
Its a lot

New girl on my crotch
It’s the recipe
You want beef?
No burger
Spitting fire on dons
No burner

Say she a learner?
Best learn quick

Im that brownskin prick
That your girl wanna link
She warn come to my bits
She warn suck on my dick

Ah, shiittt

The flow to sick
Got me wildin' like this
Likkle badman yout, got me stuntin' like this
Killing any riddim, say the flows so sick
So sick, get a grip
Grab 2 nines
That’s an 18
Nigga I’m 15
Best in the game by 18
I swear

Uh Its a lot right now
Likkle man on ends best hype right now
From Catford to Bromley
I rep that proud
I rep my town

Killin on any riddim
I’m killin any sound

Do that for team KA
15 in the game
With the sickest wordplay
Had talent since day

Destined to do this
Told me don’t flop
I’m destined for music

Youngest in the game
Im a nuisance
They cat my flow
Cos my flows the new shit
Done told you I do this right?

Career’s just a plane
I’m bout to take flight
They’re like Snapz
Swear down you’re that London guy?

When I roll through ends they like he’s that guy
Yeah he’s that guy

Team KA, we bout to flight, flight
Yeah we too fly, fly


The verse too sick
RIP to the verse
I spit with hurses
Ima merk this
Say nuttin, that’s standard

You man need help
You man ah get pampered
I do this ting on my own

Like chipmunk said ima league of my own
League of my own, I don’t fuck these niggas
I fuck with bad bitches
BB message, 'gyal come lick this?'

Ha, nah I’m lying
I ain’t even gotta ask
358, I go to her yard
I buss on her face

Showing these niggas how to set pace
Set pace in the race
Usain bolt, I’m always first place

I’m always going harder
Only 15 but I’m the new rap father
Going hardest regardless

My quick 16’s will take out you bastards

For starters, it ain’t even a main course
Wait. Hold on. Pause