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Candye Kane - Didn't We

Didn't we have a good time baby, Didn't we?
Didn't we almost make it to the end?
Didn't I give my all? My body, heart and soul was yours
Didn't we make each other fall, now didn't we?

Didn't we bring the best out in each other?
Didn't we give it everything we had?
And now you turn away, I'm begging you to stay
Didn't we know that love would hurt so bad?

Did you do the same thing to the others?
Did you kiss the girls and make them cry?
You said I was the one, now you're leaving me alone
Didn't you know you didn't have to lie?

You said you would always love me, didn't you?
Didn't I say I'd love you till I die?
Didn't we make a plan, to love each other while we can?
Didn't you know you didn't have to lie?