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Candye Kane - Let's Commit Adultery

I like the way you glide it across the floor
Honey, I'd like to see you glide it some more
That healthy body sends my head in a spin
Come close and let me feel the shape you're in
My ring is off and so tonite I'm free
Baby, Let's Commit Adultery

On the table, Let's Do it
In the garden, go to it
In the backseat, I'm a'waiting
Right here on the floor, no hesitating
Spend your confession time with me
Honey, lets commit adultery

I know it might be a Cardinal sin
Once we get started, it could happen again
I might pay dearly at the pearly gates
Or you could pay now, if you make me wait
I'm not saying it will be guilt free
But baby, lets commit adultery

When were done , we'll say the Rosary
Baby, lets commit adultery
You're the only penance that I need
Baby, lets commit adultery