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Cheloo - Smoke Flow

Something is not right in the head,to bad
Doc's can't fix the shit when i'll be pretty fucking dead
Please don't feed my ego i don't feel that shitty need
I'm a bad seed indeed just let me smoke my weed
Never love money couse that love can kill to much Money love can get you ill
We still have a war draw,never kiss the shit
Deafeat life,stay alive and fuck retreat
We love the mike,we love life,we love the hip-hop beat
We only fight on stage,and every show is live you know that shit
Fuck fame,fuck awards,fuck happy music
The word is a tool fool we have to use it
You know life is a game,at the heavy weight
The final countdown can't wait
Use the brain , man is never to late
Don't think for diamants and shit
Don't be so fucking friendly
Greedy motherfucker,your coffin has to be trendy
I'm like a flea,check my ID in hell the sickness of mallerick's man,i'm sick indeed
When i take the lead i see you catch speed
Oh shit,go fuck the beat called rapman and this is it


Ah , ah , ah , ah , yo cinetic in (?) show 4 (?) yo ,yo
A long ways from home i bring you another other
Two dope ass niggers,me, self , and my brother
Yeah,he's from another should i let him explain
Introducein` me!!
What's that niggers name?
..........with this might devices
He slice twices,ye,you can't fuck with him
Its the show for do' you all niggers know
Yeah,i'm coming from the dirty ode,that's the OHT
Army and my man,we keep it the ground
Were keeping it slime,you know i'm all about mine,that....... that cock you gotta get it don't stop,that dope,yeah up with dope down
We be doin` what we doin` and thats the reason we are here
(?)...doin` this , u cKrab niggas beware
I won't stop untill i`m through with this
Even if it taste (?)
(?)`l recieve a better line
(?) cinetic , you bitchez won't forget it
For many many (?)
Yo , ah
Uppon my arival ,once my feet touch solid ground
I know imma score , its like touchdown
Go deep dont (sneek once i post up:-??)
Yall niggas better catch me like a photo close up
Get back lay back dont say the (?)
I'm a (?) nigga never know for fuckin` (?)
Dont get your mouth toched
Dont get touched
Dont get opened up like a fucking dutch!
Yes him begin
(The more friends in him:-??)The first , the nice
You niggas can't fuck with me im (nice)
On this mic device
My (crow) , my weapon , i shoot at your boots to (?) u steppin
In a opposite direction ,yea
U fuckin` around this niggas try to (?)
U fuckin` around and get layd down
When that (?)thunder (?) hit the fuckin` ground bïtch!