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Christ Analogue - The Talker

I feel distortion in the brainwaves left from NYC
Is where the issues that I have became reality
And there is nothing left to say it's over
Every word every concept every phrase
My mate MV went to the West coast with a stripper
But she likes the beach and he's living in slow motion vs NYC
All these fucks
Tried to tell him how to do it
But he used his mind like a incognito weapon
Now he's here with me and we're messing with Chicago
In the 003 - this is how it's going to be from now on
Calculate how long it would have taken you to be like me today
I can promise you it's never going to be that way
101 all of you talkback bitches need to see the
Day will come where we will dominate each one of you
Wait your turn isn't a part of our mentality
So move the fuck out the way get the fuck out the way
It's not "gay" each time you fail to understand it
There's a better way for you to live instead of criticizing