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Devon Rhys - Doesn't Work Out


Some little dude comes along,
and says the words that,
you've always wanted to hear.
They're music to your ears.
He seemed too good, to be true,
he snapped you up,
when he looked at you.
And now you're world is falling apart.


Sometimes it, doesn't work out,
the way you wanted, that's life
when all is said and done,
you just have to take it.

Step out of the groove,
and take chances you wouldn't take.
That's all you have to do.


All the world's an empty stage,
find your path, and take your place,
today is gone, but there's always tomorrow.
Don't give up,
don't you give in.
the bumps make it all interesting,
it's all about to change,


He made a vow to you,
that he quickly withdrew,
when he found your secret out,
he left without a doubt.

And daddy's not happy with you,
momma's turning shades of blue.
And, you're about to pop any day. Oh!