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Dj Antoine vs. Mad Mark - House Party (Ft. B-Case & U-Jean)

[Intro: U-Jean]
It's your boy U-Jean right here, (laughs)
Dj Antoine on the track
He's doing it big y'all
Here we go
House party, house party
We're gonna rock
It's time for a house party
Yey yey yey yey yey

Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Let's go!

[Verse 1: U-Jean]
Parents out of town
You know it's going down
Mixed me that Jack and coke, watch me drinking now
We're going hard, no doubt about it y'all
So many shots I can't even count them all
Freaks only
Welcome to my zone
And bring your friends baby
Leave your man at home
No rules there, celebrate with me
Take it all the way
Now everybody singing
[Hook: U-Jean] X2
House party, house party
We can get it all in the
House party, house partyy
Bring your friends along and let's get
Down shawty, down shawty
Do it all night long, in the house party, house party
Yeah, you my naughty hottie

[Verse 2: U-Jean]
Bikini girls, sipping on Caipirinha
I'm so drunk, jumping round like a Ninja

Spot my neighbour, she got on a black top
And a doll, say she got it from a sex-shop
Girls everywhere, shaking that booty
Them ladies chillin with us, in the jacuzzi
Touching everything baby "mi scusi"
Take it to my room and let do-do-do me
At the...
House Party, House Party

You ready?
We´re gone do it real big!
Take it up!
Dj Antoine

[Verse 3: U-Jean]
This party is going out of control
We runnin' out of drinks and need some more
We in the house with those American honeys
We poppin' bottles with those playboys bunnys
Knock knock, the cop's at the door
They wanna know us going on
And we're singing:

[Hook] X 2