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DJ Big Ryde - Ghetto Superstars (Ft. Kyze & Stormzy)

[Verse 1: Stormzy]
Yo, man are old school like Zap Zone
Used to play Snakes on my trap phone
Walk in the roads on my jack jones
Word to my balls and my backbone
They had to let my big bro [?]
Your boy came through with the mad flow
Batmobile, put it in bat mode
Kick man's face in my astros
Used to cut through the ends in my Astra
My Brum ting said "Stormz, go faster"
Tell a boy get ready for the rapture
Yeah, they all talk bad till I catch ya
But fuck that, money on my mind
Talk Ps, your Gs look bummy all the time
It's cold here but it's sunny in Dubai
So I need to find a way to get my mummy in the sky

[Verse 2: Kyze]
Jail time's over, back to the future
I was in the future back then with the shooter
I put work in, real trooper
I used to come through and beat corn through a Luger
Then leave in a manoeuvre
Guys were live till I beat 'em with a snoozer
Now they're banging a computer
I used to jump out [?] Puma
'Member, but don't let me confuse ya
We've still got the work and serve the consumer
And I'll soon link an abuser
But right now I'm hot, but watch while I'm cooler
So right now, I'm fucking with the rhymes
Like Stormzy said, I've got money on my mind
Cause breddas act funny all the time
Rappers bitching on my phone like a honey on my line
And them man are fucking with the swine
I don't mean pork, I mean talking to the guy
Oi my yout, talk into my eye
You got something to hide? Stop talking to my Nike
[Verse 3: Stormzy]
Yo, shout out Squaddy in the rave
More time, man say squaddy in the rave
Workrate, man stays bodying the gameh
Mind and soul, put my body in the game
HMP got my donny in the cage
Fake MC with your dodgy little chain
You just talk, you just got a lot to say
You don't bang, you just live on the estate, but
All the things that they don't do
They're all the things that I've done
And where'd you get that flow from?
Cuh that sounds like my one
And I still ain't got a girl so
Hear what, we can share yours till I find one
Running round the ends tryna get yourself a skeng
Big man like you, get a job, go and buy one

[Verse 4: Kyze]
So tell 'em there's a storm inside
Man's scared when it's Stormzy and Kyze inside
Came with the goons, got 'em all in line
Everybody gonna fall in, all in time
This game's mine, I'm all but nice
And apart from the boydem, all is fine
And it's all been crime
And I'm still on the grind, we ain't all been signed
'09, had to do a little time
Fuckboys came through so I just do Kyze
Big up Stormzy, my guy
I've got the dreamers' disease, I'll tell 'em all in five