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Drop The Mic - GLOW vs. WWE Superstars (Ft. Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Britney Young, Carmella (WWE), Jackie Tohn, Kate Nash, Nikki Bella & Sunita Mani)

[Round 1: GLOW's Jackie Tohn]
Yo, GLOW versus Pro; oh, this is a no-brainer
Got some actual talent versus some personal trainers
We're not real wrestlers, we just play 'em on TV
Which is sad, 'cause we could totally pin you four with ease
You two act like athletes? C'mon, let's be real
Venus and Serena don't have a reality show deal
And I challenge anyone to sit through Total Divas
Too bad only one of you could freeload off John Cena

[Round 1: WWE's Nikki Bella]
Oh, Jackie, you're wacky droppin' John in your rap
But, girl, you can never get a man like that
I've worked eleven years to get what I got
You're only on Netflix when there's nothin' else to watch
Can they cast stronger women? That's what I'm requestin'
It wouldn't be believable if you're thumb-wrestlin'
You're messin' with Superstars; I thought you should know
That we shine bright and you barely glow

[Round 2: GLOW's Kate Nash]
You think you're real athletes, which is bat-shit
'Cause the [?] don't rehearse their matches
Tonight you spar against some actual stars
We face the Bella twins and whoever you two are
Wait, before you tell me, I don't really care
I'm better than you both, so I guess I'm Charlotte Flair
If you thought you'd have a chance to pin me, you are mistaken
Just like you say you're fightin', when really, you're fakin'
[Round 2: WWE's Alicia Fox & Carmella]
So you don't know us, is that what the case is?
We're on TV every week, you're basically waitresses
Congrats, you have the best show on Netflix
If we lived in a world where 'Stranger Things' didn't exist
So where's the big cheese? Could you tell me, Sunita?
We want Alison Brie, you're just some Velveeta
You think you can pin us? Okay, try to do it
I'll only submit if you make me listen to Kate's music
Get it? 'Cause your music sucks

[Round 2: GLOW's Britney Young & Sunita Mani]
Are you ladies really making fun of our looks?
Carmella, what's your style, allergic to books?
Talking trash to Machu Picchu? I don't understand
I am your boss; call me Vince McMahon
And Bri Bella, how you gonna make fun of us GLOWs
When you look like a model from a Russian boat show?
Get that? You rely on hair extensions and waxing
But it takes more than that to make a living by acting

[Round 3: WWE's Brie Bella]
We're four of the best Superstars alive
When it comes to GLOW, you're not even top five
I put my body through hell and I still never fold
You complain when your latte's a little too cold
I could take on you divas if I'm given the chance
We wear title belts, you wear belts for your pants
We're the women's revolution, you're a bunch of clowns
It might not be Tuesday night but this was the real Smackdown