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Dual Core - Apex Predator (Ft. Tribe One)

[Verse 1: int eighty & Tribe One]
Welcome to the present ‘cause there will not be a later
Topographic anti-savior burning forests by the acre
Justified in every right given their behavior
You could label me destructive but I’d say it’s in my nature
Awakened and I'm angered putting villages in danger
While I'm pillaging these strangers sending villains to their maker
Run in constant time as I find your nearest neighbor
So refer to me as major redefining nomenclature
Find me climbing over skyscrapers
Swatting fighter pilots like their flying folded line paper
Firing eye lasers that reflect from off the side of a knife blade
Leaving ninety storey high spires lying sideways
A giant primate with the mind of a wise sage
Combined by a dinosaur that survived through the ice age
You wouldn’t like me when I fly in a blind rage
Until the world map is looking like a blank white page
Turning everything to live bait, plus we run the gamut
Dominate across your campus, also any other planet
Try to understand it, give a range and we will span it
Let them take their chances then we realign the canvas
FEMA couldn’t manage ever lost within our presence
Tackle topics with aggression catastrophic with intention
Welcome to the era where you hope for second place
Destruction is inherent and the mayhem never waits
Fangs penetrating heavy metal plates
Record breaking devastation over twenty seven states
You never get an escape you can pray but it’s never safe
And any limb or head you sever then regenerates
A new frame rearranged to produce pain
I never had a loose tooth I just grew fangs
Consuming butane spewing blue flame
I'm getting used to the view from the top of the food chain
[Verse 2: Tribe One & int eighty]
Welcome to the present, the future isn’t happening
There’s only ashes in the backdraft of a dragon’s flapping wings
Decimating acres on the way to reach a destination later
I don’t need a trail of crumbs when every step creates a crater
I can’t be stopped the only option is to not resist
I’m a walking obelisk with cinder blocks for fists
You wonder what I want I thought it’s obvious
To cancel the cancellation of the apocalypse
Documents from novelists and archaeologists
Won’t uncover any origins before the comet hits
With an impact that would cause a plot to twist
The planet’s spinning to oblivion without an option off of it
Never hesitating, devastating 'til we’re out of fuel
Levitate and defenestrate at any altitude
Destruction increasing 'til the landscape’s out of view
Decimate the infrastructure, water, and the power too
I can chop a mountain down and use the edge of my hand as a blade
To brandish and banish anything that stands in my way
I’m bringing panic and famine and plague
There’s not a man, not a cannon brigade that could handle my animal rage
I’m the last of a breed the lone survivor of the species
If I ever find a rival I go genocidal clean sweep
My mind inclined a charging rhino with a mean streak
Apex predator and I don’t even eat meat
Mythologies will repeat the number of fatalities
Collapsing at a speed to change the orbit of a galaxy
A magnitude of order fast surpassing atrophy
This event horizon rising and consuming drastically
It’s dire, this requires all the savage you can muster
After laughter comes the hunger so just gather all your hunters
Applauding atom bombings hear the clap and feel the thunder
As we seal and then reveal the last disaster undiscovered