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Fen - A Witness to the Passing of Aeons

Uncoiling amongst the stars, my spirit-fight is endless
I abandoned the prison of flesh millenia ago
Parted my veins to shred the last veil
Shrugged aside the chains that anchored me

Left the shattered shell of my corporeal form to descend
Into the blackness of this malicious earth
And as my being merged with the very fabric of this withered planet
A new pathway was opened before me
With each passing of the moon
With each cycle of regeneration

I felt a new strength bond with the very essence of my existence
An amalgamation of the aether and the nameless emissions of the void
Tethered to the flickering flame of my soul

Ascension thus was born and beyond these mortals realms I foar
Watching the stars collapse beneath the fury of the old ones
The febrile breath of the universe
Exhaled, Scattered, Dissipated
Carried on the drifting, timeless winds

I have watched civilisations rise and fall on this weakened planet
I have seen the weakness of man cleansed by the rage of the cosmos

Watched the skin of this decaying world scarified beyond recognition
Lifelessness if all that remains as my endless vision
Watched the last light of reality gutter
And die