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Fen - Lashed by Storm

Flayed by the driving rain, of black clouds scud across the sky
The world roars with rage and the very ground trembles
I watch as lightening spears the darkness
The stark outline of the trees stripped bare by winters ravaging chill

Wind screams, cutting the knives of sharpened frost
As I raise my arms to embrace the assault
All that lives cowers in the shadow of elemental wrath
Yet I stand and roar my challenge to the maelstrom

Mountains rear in the darkness
Colossal megaliths of malediction's promise
Looming, immense, all knowing
Stoic against the fury of the storm

The raging tempest shrieks of hatred
Bunched clouds toil with the need to destroy
But I will remain unmoved in the face of the assault
I welcome the pain of nature's vengeance
Eyes clenched shut
The freezing wind and stinging waters
Fear my skin and slake the thirst in my yearning soul
Never have I felt so alive
Every nerve tingles, every sense razor-keen

This frail, thin, stooped prison of flesh
Punished and invigorated
Crushed into the sodden earth

And therein will remain forever