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Fen - Our Names Written in Embers (Part 2: Beacons of Sorrow)

To march again and again
Under the sanguine banners that draped the skies
Clouds rain sodden ash and her eyes stream with tears
All that lies before us
Carrion seas and vulpine cries
Carrion seas and vulpine cries

Aeons crushed
Time-lapse devastation
Epochs fold
The breath of civilisations forged in ash

Our names were written in embers
Are carved into the bedrock of the fallen
Sand blown carcasses weave a weathered tapestry
On which we paint the lexicon of extinction
Litanies of loss
Chanted at bruised skies
Scarred by the violence
Of ideals embroiled

Dogma, credo
Unstitch reason
Cauterized, the feverish mantras
That brushed the lips of the spectral prophets
Crimson ichor stains the maw of the apostle
Desolation flows in torrents
Beacons of war
Beacons of sorrow
Illuminate the death-throes
That welcome the 'morrow

Dead this wasteland where once stalked phalanx of dreams