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ForteBowie - Hitlist

Sex and weed aromas
Switchin lanes and corners
Sky gon rain down for us
We gon stay and pour up
She wit that lit shit and I'm the only man on ya hitlist
She wit that lit shit and I'm the only man on ya hitlist

[Verse 1]
It's a been a minute, check ya watch
Girl I'm right back on yo block, so wassup wit all the talk now
I been chillin on the top, your new man kickin rocks, all I do is kick the sauce now
Hit the store, get some more let's get up there
You and me been fuckin round since the bus fare
My new girl on yo mind so you must care
Take me to yo new spot we gon fuck there
Cigarillo Cinderella
Used to hit it now it's better
Put my sauce in the blender
Swear to God it make ya wetter

[Verse 2]
She bounce on it like a pogo
On that drink she go 4Loko
Used to hit when we was local
Used to lay down my vocals
At her brother crib
That's when I met her had to scoop the bitch
She knew what it is, fuckin wit the kid
Picked me up in her Impala
Don't tell your mom I got ya
In the house wit some killers and robbers
They ain't bout to do shit dem my potnas
Take yo ass back to Kennesaw State
Bougie ass friends man I swear they all hate
Say she see listen to my songs like all day
So I'm gon pop back up where ya mom stay

She tryna turn up, burn up, and fuck me
Won't be surprised if she say she love me
Girl that's the gas talkin, back stroke got that ass talkin
It's been a minute, seen you hangin wit dem hoes and they ignant
I know a couple boys that hit it
Just say the right name when I'm all up in it