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G-Eazy - G-Eazy Speaks On The Epidemic LP

Eyo, so this shit is pretty much wrapped up, you feel me?
Um, it's G-Eazy speaking
It's the Sikkis On The Planet Mixtape
Shoutout to Sikkis clothing
You feel me, all clothes available online, but check it out
I'm Mister, you feel me?
And basically man, just spread the word
Talk about the music, tell everybody, put everybody on game
And the album is coming, you feel me
The official album
I'm quitting with these facking mixtapes
You know, quick giving everything for free
You feel me, I'm dropping this album on ya this summer
The Epidemic LP, you feel me, it is coming
Everywhere I go, people always asking me like
"You still doing it, what's on with The Epidemic?"
But I'm putting it out so you feel me spread the word
Before I go, before I wrap up the mixtape
Let me drop the sink on you shit
This is the last free shit I'm gonna give I swear
I'm not giving Apple [?] to you
But like Candy Girl featuring Greg Banks
You feel me a lil' special one for the ladies
Let me drop this on 'em