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G-Eazy - Low

Yo masano
U got the milano?
Where’s yo hoe
When u with ur bro
Olivier hit ur crib
Y’all pop bars
Dont get barred
Like lil peep
Nuh (na na na~)
She said to lay low
N not get involved
But u the type to od
With ur og
On that ecstasy
Man fuck ur girl!
Ur name be max
But ur daddy be the one making all dem stacks $ ha
Blowing them sophs, yea
Just like a sax yea
Hold up, wait is that how you got into jv?
That’s facts
And track?
U a blue rebel
Bitch get on my level
Varsity (red red red)
0 minutes on jv
Shooting no balls
Just blue balls
Tell joyce to fix those
Nd pussy boy grow some!