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G-Eazy - School vs. Music

How do you fail a take home open book test?!?

Easy… when you have your head so far in the clouds that all you think about all day is music, it’s easy to let a whole half a semester flash by without taking a single note in a single lecture because you’re busy writing songs and focusing on music in every class. But shit!!

It’s a bitch, but school is the only guarantee. You get a degree you’re guaranteed to have a better chance at a better paying job than you would with a high school diploma. Hip-Hop has NO guarantee. & it doesn’t help that this recession got times harder then a guy watchin Halle Berry strip. U get the idea…

I just feel like now is the time… this music shit has to pop off. I’ve been doin it 4 the love for years now, but shit love don’t pay the bills!! lol

So yo, go check out 2 new tracks I got up at

Spread the word and tell everybody I got new music out! We’re gonna be shooting a video to one of the new tracks soon, so stay posted

The Epidemic LP coming July 4th, 2009!!!!!!!