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G-Eazy - The Road to Making These Things Happen

In June in 2013, I sold all my shit
Or at least I tried to I mean
I gave the Walmart furniture away that no body would buy
And I packed my whole life in to a suit case
And said 'fuck it I’m trying to get on'
And I spent my whole summer on this tour with some legends
Hoping I could just soak up some game, you know
See I was the opener for the openers
So it wasn’t really that popping, you know aha
But the homies always said don’t whine about it
Grind about it, you feel me
So after my little ten minute set I would go back to the bus where we had the boot leg studio set up in the back
And we would just work all night making song after song
Trying to make the album that would put me on
So I wouldn’t have to open up no more and
We could all live comfortably
And afterwards every time we thought it was done
I’d fly back to New Orleans to work for a few weeks
Fly back to New York to work with different people
Fly to LA trying to make the album perfect
Staring out the window of a plane betting everything
I had on this album
But confident the world doesn’t know whats coming though
Just a smile on the face every bitch ass hater
Saying you could never do it
And say fool you sound stupid
The fans made this possible theres no feeling like that
To finally finish a album and give it to the world
{far alone track}
[Jay ant]
Now we’re here bitch