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Gay Briel - Every Breath

Do you have a pulse or feel alive at all?
Did they paralyze or sterilize your soul?
Do you know exactly what you're looking for?
Can you ever stop the need of wanting more?
Your disillusions
Enthrall you
You can fight them,
You can find your light
It's all an illusion
Made up by your mind
It's time to move on
Time to leave the dark behind!
Yes, your happiness may start
Right now, not tomorrow
Every minute is a gift, so
Cherish every breath

You've got what it takes to make it on your own
You may be in limbo, but you're not alone
Gotta stop to be afraid of the unknown
Cause your happiness is in the "danger zone"

Bridge, Chorus

The day you realize that the daemons within
can be tamed only with love...
The day you allow beauty to radiate inside of you
and you start to channel high vibration energy...
The day you stop to worry and you start to see
life as a series of lessons...
That's the day you begin to understand...
Chorus x 2
Every breath!