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Goodtime Boys - Daylight

I'm terrified because the line's been set
Between sheer hopelessness and mere regret
I'm scared to death as this horizon's setting
On emptiness or simply just forgetting
Inside my mind i see the eyes of loss
That show my future is all used up
I am standing here at the gates
As they are closing with a flash of light, I gasp in awe
Burning, burning so brightly clutching at straws
Climbing the highest mountain to claw the face I forgot
These arms unfold and cross my palms with fear
"Was i ever, ever really welcome here?"
These eyes unfold and cross my palms with reason
I am held still and condemned a heathen
That cannot move and cannot think
That tries to speak seeing the missing link
Searches for the words till they fade away
Then takes this breath but has nothing to say
I find solace in this night
Inside my mind, another weightless sigh
Behind these eyes I am left behind
Searching for promise in a hell
And as I die these arms unfold
Palms will uncross, futures will be told
Never the scapegoat nor the crutch because as I die I just wake up