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Goodtime Boys - Reunion

To stare truth hard in the face as he spits me in the eye is to see a little clearer now, not out but deep inside. Forget this blissful ignorance, there’s no peace in simple lives. Dragging these chains through the hilltops I fall to my knees. I see the horizon, the smoke from the trees. This is the path I chose to take, no shelter from the cries. So with a smile I let you go. No burdens, no ties. Free from these day of lesser men, men living in a lie. With little words to comfort, but one piece of advice; seek refuge in reason, seek it in each other’s eyes. Come quickly brother and hold your sister close. As you scour every landscape I say look not into the heavens for there is nothing in the skies. When all I have is never enough, I stop trying to be clever in twists of the tongue. Done with lost meanings. Sick of mixing my words. Just one more day