Graham Isaacson - Hot Lovin' Lady

The ladies began to loose their smile
Sat on their porches and watched her walk her first long mile
tight long jeans and short blond hair
Every man couldn't help but stare

my momma told me to stay away
warned me that girls like her never stay
but her eyes are as blue as the sea
but my heart starts to pinch when she looks at me when she looks at me

she's a hot lovin' lady
What's wrong with that
she's a smart talking lady
what's wrong with that what's wrong with that

Before I knew it we were laughing away
the sun went down it turned into another day
she said that she loved me
carved our names into the trunk of a tree
weeks past and things dissolved
Wasn't much for anyone to try and solve
my momma was right and i was wrong
tried to play the game and it didn't last all that long


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