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Greg Dulli - Pantomima

Desolation, come and get it
Brokenhearted, I don't regret it
Fixed impulse, now you’re listening to me
I have something to show you, how it came to hypnotize me

Pantomima (Pantomima), so you said it (So you said it)
I believed you, don't you forget it
Dislocation (Where you goin'?), bought on credit (I’ll come with you)
Comes in colors (Comes in colors), I dream in red (I dream in red)

Waiting on a breeze, I'm waiting on a breeze
I'm waiting on the fever that will bring me back alive

Follow scent, I'm alone
Pull the trigger, now your mind is blown
Come in peace, my love
Coming on and on and on and

A summer breeze
A summer breeze
A summer breeze
A summer breeze

Give 'em hell, roll Tide
If your sister's home, maybe I'll stop by
Come cleanse, come clean
You know this one was meant for me
How revealing is the feeling?
But there's more than meets the eye
And it’s easy come and easy go
You’re waving me goodbye


I have seen the way
The sun is done, baby, that's okay
For the thing that you need
Is mine