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Gunna Dee - Bellaire (Ft. Kyze)

[Verse 1: Kyze]
Puffing on a big spliff, sipping on that black bottle
Bellaire we're in here, them breddas, they chat waffle
So raise your bottle, man's celebrating life
You only get one, so let's celebrate it right
And tell them girls man ain't looking for a wife
I'm looking for tonight, I'm serious, look in my eyes
And tell them yutes man ain't looking for a fight
Money's the motivation, who's looking for a price?
Fuck that, let the bottle pop, look at dem gyal there, watch the bottom drop
Pecknam's with spotting knocks with them lowkey Gs who went spotting rocks
And you went spotting Zs in the spot with me, in a spot with G
And the spots turned up were the reason why your girls ain't turned up
She got my dick firming up, she strip for me and she earnt a knock
Them yutes ain't worth a buck, say goodbye to that and come and work with us
Look, girl, it's a whole new day, don't get held down, go play
And pop a bottle off that black bottle

Sipping on a Bellaire
Screaming out hell yeah
We struggled and we've been there
Now all my niggas in here

[Verse 2: Gunna Dee]
From selling crack, from hell and back
Thinking who held me down and who held me back
From selling crack to selling more crack
Raw crack, get one, get four back
So I tell Poppy send the box down
Down through your blocks, what if they knock your blocks down?
That's why I rep the UK
Threw that young chick behind me like a bouquet
Money makes the world turn
I say money makes the world turn, but for the worse
We need more real niggas and less cameras
Cause all that shit is rehearsed
But maybe it's [?] why I can't think past my thoughts
And shit is like the Hunger Games, blood sport is what we class as sports
Still on that run the game shit
Think they're running shit, but they're on that run again shit