Harry Hill - Ken!

My name is Ken, Ken Barlow.

Keeeeeeeen! (x4)

I was a librarian,
I was a teacher,
I was a trolley pusher,
I was a taxi driver,
but now i am a free man
call me names, but attack my offspring
and i will do everything in my power to protect them.

I know where the bodies are buried on the street
You are Ken Barlow,
I am Ken Barlow,
We are Ken Barlow
I am the only living soul who cares about you.

Keeeeeeeen! (x4)

Keeeeeeeen! (x4)

My name is Ken
And i will see you on Monday, Thursday and Friday
Mountains may crumble,
Rivers may run dry,
But I will always be here
For I am your friend - Ken!

I've made some mistakes sure, real howlers, Especially with the kids
But thats life!
You make mistakes and live with the consequences.

Ray Langton - saw him off
Len Fairclough - never stood a chance
Mike Baldwin - ha ha, Poor Mike.

Keeeeeeeen! (x4)

(sung in background) Keeeeeeeen! (x4)
Elsie Tanner, Hilda Ogden, Ena Sharples - all gone
Yet I remain...

I am Ken, but I am not a leader
Don't look at me for your answers
I am just a man
Trying to make sense of a crazy world
Through a Northern perspective.

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.

I am Ken Barlow and I am the only constant in your life...


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