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HDBeenDope - Back Home

Labb, Labb, Labb
Peace brother
This Badie just calling to let you know
We received an offer for a show Paris
They want you to open for Doppelgangaz
So yea
Call me back as soon as possible
Alright peace

[Verse 1]
I told em all I would do it and it's finally happening
Been searching for inner peace
I guess I'm finally balancing
I remember a year ago when I said I was leaving
How cats would look at me and laugh as they replied keep dreaming
And now I sit here impatient
Terminal 2 with my mama
And since my uncle's connected he got her in with no drama
An accent came over the intercom
She said it's boarding time
I grabbed my bags and said goodbye to mom
4,000 miles away from the crib due to writing songs
And look I did it no gimmicks and not a word from source
I'm set to open in Paris a 15 minute set
Promoter calling he stalling
You not performing
We ain't expect
But you got plenty people in the crowd
I start to sweat my 15 minute set turned to an hour
Got on stage and they rocked
Knew all the words I forgot
The most love I've ever got
Man I ain't going back home
I ain't going back home

[Verse 2]
This is part 3 of the TGA tour
I'm on this plane talking to self like this the shit we prayed for
The first stop is in Colmar
Don't know this place at all
They got the Statue of Liberty so it doesn't seem far
But anyway I hit the stage and rocked the crowd with a breeze
Can't help but thinking back to class like damn it pays to be free
The next stop is out in Lyon
I never got to go on
Cuz these faggot niggas went in Bataclan and let they guns off
Rest in peace
And next it's two shows in Czech Republic
Chapeau Rouge rocking plus I had the Fénix club bugging
Then we got word
A show in Poland last minute and they say I'm headlining
I'll admit I'm kinda timid
'Cause my fan base there ain't that big
But hoping I can pack it
Imagine if I do
That'll be the craziest reaction
Did the show and only 20 people came
If the city heard about this I could never show my face
Man I ain't going back home

You know what they're saying right
You know what they're talking 'bout
You looking just like a bitch for cover up you be barking loud
Trips to Europe only looking amazing in thumbnails
But we know your name holds no weight like Dumbbells
I'm in my mind
My booking agent Frantz is talking to me
He's speaking English but it all is sounding foreign to me
I hear em say that the promoter feels like we deceived him
I'm suppose to make him bucks
He's barely even breaking even
I feel fucked up so I just nod I couldn't say a word
And Frantz continues like that shouldn't be his main concern
It's 'bout the people
In your spot that came to see their artist
I've been to shows with smaller crowds that could defeat the largest
It's all in energy
He don't know what that shit meant to me
Was letting all my thoughts of failure get the best of me
That I couldn't see
That 20 people left their crib
'Cause they believe in my expression
And I sit here ungrateful
I think it's time I count my blessings