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HDBeenDope - Chutzpah

I'm no longer seeking validation
Tastemakers ain't gon' makes us
Leave em wishing that they played it, yea
Know they try to court you when you make it like they never even hated
Gotta keep the affidavit, yea
Only way to kill em keep it kind
You could catch these clipse but there is no malice, uh
And no I'm not a great just give it time
But if you ain't got The Greay(t) then your list invalid

Always been a gent I'm 47 when I sizzle
Never been a baller flow popping like twin pistols
Shout the Labb Rat you got the cap then it's official
While you worried bout them honeys they call us like soft tissue
Couple likes on the gram
Oh you SO popping
You niggas never left Harlem
Bitch I'm globe trotting
Go retarded with the words
But the flow got em
Dammit I'm amazing you don't love me
Girl that's your problem
Yo soy young nigga with the sauce
I'm here to win
You wanna do it for the broads
I keep it cool
But I don't fuck with you at all
Doing donuts in a smart car
I keep the circle small
Do more and less tweets
You don't got nothing thing to say
Then why you bother to speak
Niggas still compare but I don't lose no sleep
Cause I can whisper on a track
They'll say I sound like meek
I know your intention
So stay the fuck out my mentions
These niggas coming with compliments and a palm that's extended
We're talking publishing sentences
But it's pending so lettuce is
Made the beat with no sample
I need all the percentages, woah
You niggas really want to gossip
That's a silly topic
In my 2 3 I'm too sick bitch I'm really tropic
Shows out in France yea man it's pretty popping
Got to up the price now I'm trying to make a milly rocking
Life changes
Had to lane switch
Numbers hit my phone I don't know what your name is
Payments for the phrases
I don't know her but I'm tryna wife Ash yea I know it's outrageous
This year I need
More sense
More sense
More sense
I'm talking bout the knowledge but I'll take the check
Damn that boy be wilding show em some respect
They don't like my writing I don't break a sweat cause