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HDBeenDope - Dumb


Really Darius?
Like you couldn't pick up my phone call
Like you fucking corny my nigga
For real?
I'm really sick of your shit
I'm really sick of your shit
You not even all that
For me to be stressing over you
But when you gonna take me to Europe with you?

[Verse 1]
Four years back
Getting soaked by the grad caps
Four years later
Niggas wonder where my ass at
I been out here on the road
Some get it
They relate to me
And others say they're proud
But I'm knowing they're ashamed of me
'Cause I'm hearing all the whispers
Once the lights dim down
How foolish of me
To be thinking that this mic might vow
To be the reason
Mama ranging
And them checks don't bounce
Dream till you gotta get paid
Then watch it all fade
But I, I, I
Know better
If you knew better
You would do better
Through error
Niggas grew clever
Now we're due treasure
They ain't growing
So they tell me never change
Miss me
Miss me
Miss me
With the dumb shit
Swear you got the clout
'Cause you always around
But you ain't done shit
No time
No place
No space
For the dumb shit
You be talking loud
Hoping we don't notice
That you don't know shit
I got dreams
So it's no energy
For the dumb shit
Telling stories
Like I really give a damn
Who you run with
No time
No place
No space
For the dumb shit
Never got a plan
But blame it on the man
Why you ain't got shit
I got dreams
So it's no energy
[Verse 2]
If you knew BeenDope
Back then I had it figured out
Always keep the message
Give it to 'em over any sound
That's why I came back
With a new swang
Pump it up
Ac with the woodgrain
Pulling up
Plain copping new planes
I am just
Plotting my moves
You can watch
How I do
No time for bitches
That only seek attention
No time
If you only care 'bout your perspective
No time
For these niggas that don't really get it
Gotta elevate
But you got hopes of being copacetic
She heard I'm leaving
Hit my line like
You should take me with you
Ain't help you get it
But they figure
They should make it with you
Did you ever listen
Tell 'em bout the vision
No you didn't
But you want commission
Miss me with the dumb shit