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HDBeenDope - ETIN

[Verse 1]
I had a dream i just kilt a nigga
Turned out to be my father
How the fuck was i supposed to know?
I was two last time i saw em
That black story that we know too well
He plant a seed and up and leave and leave that mom with hell
He wasn't taught to be a man and now he under hood spell
So i might just grab a gat and just doot doot, well..
It's my father fault
How the fuck could you blame me?
Send some bread to my crib, like why the fuck are you payin' me?
Think that makes up for the time nigga
You say imma kick it with cha
I see through your lies you must really think im blind nigga, or dumb or something
But nah i ain't chu
Sometimes i wonder why you left
But ahh fuck your point of view
Ain't no love on fathers day, when mom works and father plays
He called and said "i love you", but ain't that shit that fathers say?
You can keep the love, i don't need it
You don't know me dawg
You can keep the bread, i don't need it
You don't owe me dawg
Mom seen a picture saying i look just like you
And it felt weird cuz that's something i can't reply too
I hope you're happy with that boy in the mirror, definitely ain't a man
Ain't even half of what i am
Kept a little pain and i never really tried to, so if a nigga run up imma kill em and that's word to Michael
[Verse 2]
Uh, i love Brooklyn
But she don't really give a fuck
While they all explore her curves i just stay in the cut
Workin baby workin
I thought it was fine
We were good, but all the problems started when i was nine
Learnin' in the city, said "ill be right back."
But i stayed through high school, she ain't like that
She sent the goons to come and get me on the corner said "they'll end me"
Had two albums worth of rhymes and they took them tunes from me
They had me in the station flippin' through these pages
And they ain't really care now my angers really raging
Said "if i see them niggas it's gon be a done deal"
I had the mindset of a killer
Now i just need to cop a steel
Stole the steel from the draw and i stuck it in my draws
Said "if anybody run up, that's gon be they mamas loss'
And i know i'm out of place
But couldn't tell with all that pain
Lord take away my fears and let these bullets be my tears
Days later my uncle hit me like "i think i see these niggas"
Stepped out with the strap like "i'm bout to see these niggas"
We chased em up the stairs, they dipped
We retreat, comin' down i slipped and fell
I seen the piece that ain't me
Lookin' back i really wouldn't change shit
They say you learn from your falls, and i learned from a slip
Anger made me steal a piece and i was ready to pull it
Now i'm about spreadin' peace in the music
And that's word to Brooklyn