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HDBeenDope - Everything Changed

Aye man
Labb, Labb, Labb
Yeah, I'm about to catch that shit right now
Let these niggas know
I'll pull up on them with the

[Verse 1]
These niggas don't know what's about to happen
I'ma stunt on everybody
Everybody only knows me as a rapper
I'm not just anybody
Only 2012 and I'm in it by myself
'Cause the vision isn't digging into anybody else
Give me four more years for that XXL
Heard a little birdie chirp
Said I'm next don't tell
And yea I'm going to college but in a month I'ma leave because The tape that I'm dropping is like a hundred degrees
So I'ma be out in Europe
20,000 in Paris
Pretty bitches give it up because they're overly zealous
I'm on top
Niggas ain't taking my spot
I'll get offered 20 million from the roc
I'ma have it on lock
Believe me nigga
Just watch
2016 my album drop
[Chorus 2x]
Everything Changed tho
And I knew it would
Still ain't got the range tho
But it's all good
Came into the game with the light
Slang with the mic
Really always been about the flows
Never train for the hype
Getting change for plight
Plain's, booking flights
Thought I would've had it
But I guess I wasn't aiming it right

[Verse 2]
2016 now and a couple things have changed
But I still ain't shit
2016 now and my homies graduated
And I still ain't shit
And I didn't even make it on the freshman list
If I get up in the office then a desk might flip
I'm still living with my mama in my grandma's crib
Did house hunting 'cause I figured I would have mad chips
But no
Rest assured I made it out to Paris
A hundred in the crowd
18 me's embarrassed
The honey going down
But she's not the baddest
She did it for the sound
To me that's the balance
No money
No money
No money from Jay
False buddies call me dummy
I gave college a break
You got a question pertaining to my album date
I'm in my room working on another tape
[Chorus 2x]

[Switch Up 2x]
Changed, Changed
I did some shows and got some bread
But mama still ain't got the
Range, Range
Just thinking back to couple years ago
Damn, everything done