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HDBeenDope - Lost Flower

[Produced by Wil Madden]

I want a love like... me thinking of you
Thinking me, thinking of you type love
Or me telling my friends more than
I've ever admitted to myself about
How I feel about you type love
Or hated how jealous you are [?]
Wanted all to yourself type love
Or seeing how your first name sounds
So good next to my last name

[Verse 1]
You got the type of features
Make a brother wanna meet ya
The body of a goddess
And your mind is like Athena
See I'm just tryna know ya
A little closer, I still hold ya
Even when the road is Balboa. That's rocky
Now do you copy baby? Pardon if it's sloppy
Wasn't good at running game since my nose was snotty
Lost in your eyes but your smile tells lies
Underneath your left breast is where the pain resides
With the past, I cut ties like "let that shit go"
If it's bad I grab a glass and "let that shit pour"
Two fingers if you only gimme peace
So gimme all the pieces baby girl please tell me
Can I love ya?
Can I love ya?
Girl, can I love ya?
Can I love ya?

[Verse 2]
When I write rhymes, I keep you in my mind
The ink spills love. These thoughts are divine
You say there's more than life
Than all the parties getting fucked up
Every weekend they hit the club
You tryna get your bucks up
See I admire flyers. Higher
But your mind takes you higher
Elevate mine. That burns my fire
You see it's more to this
But I'm tryna take you down
Like bow biggity biggity bow
Just to hear your sounds (ha!)
Now the flow got you flowin'
When the pen strokes, paper soaks
In the quotes to get you moping
I want to love you up until we reach our maximum
Then forget I love you. Find you just to get it back again
I wanna be with- but nah -you never with
You're my Bonnie. We collide in the back of the whip
I wanna take you out from all the pressures of the world
The perfect looking women with luxurious curls
I want you as you are. Don't take it as a loss
I love your imperfections. Ain't the same without your flaws
I know your afraid, baby let your heart scream
And I try to ease the pain and never make your eyes stream

[Verse 3]
I be falling easy for bitches that be sleazy
They hear that I'm a rapper
And they think they getting TeePee'd
But you, you're different
You don't like bad bitches
You don't care about the likes on your Instagram pictures
You see you're straight out the hood
Never let the hood define you
Words make you learn and now you see the shit that blind to
Say love exists but maybe not for you
Talking with a broken heart
Now that's a fucked up point of view
Getting ready for work
You just let lorem play
You show love. You owe love
That's something like Laura say
See I just wanna know you like really know your soul
So baby lets converse because its deeper than these flows
I gotta bad habit being quick to fall deep
But when you on my mind I just let my heart speak

Can I love ya?
Can I love ya?
Can I love ya?