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HDBeenDope - Manis

Labb, Labb, Labb

Left school
Told my mama I’ll be back soon
Made Moves
Came a long way from 20 views
I bloom
From a loss so I never lose
I ain’t Yappin’
I got shit to do

[Verse 1]
Plottin’ on plaques
Mirror told me be patient
I don’t care what you jack
Know the labb be the greatest
I don’t need that back
If I ever do favors
You gon’ want that back
If you ever did play us
Hold on my friend
I skrt
Exert my ends
I fortify my business
That’s 4 to 5 for the reps
4 to 5 on the set
Touring miles for a check
I work better under pressure
Benji’s covered in stress
Never been too mixy
Man that whole shit wocky
With my time I’m picky
But if you got me, you got me
Niggas lying, I’m privy
But I ain’t chattin
That’s sloppy
L A B B my theory
If it’s a problem
Then off me
I play the shows on road
I’m try'na come to your state
I put a check on a goal
Then I got more on the way
Ain’t no stopping the glow
When I grow everyday
They tell you stick to what you know
These niggas scared to be great
That’s why I

[Verse 2]
I don’t do well with the extras
Mirrors smoking
Yeah we notice
Why you flexing?
Hundred records
With no message
Not impressive
I ain’t tripping on them niggas
Give em blessings
I don’t got the time for the hate
No not today
Imma cop the ac
Not the wraith
12 with the play
Why you hit my jack everyday
With no shit to say
Imma rep the labb in the grave
And that’s word to Chay
Been around
And these niggas never noticed me
I don’t frown
‘Cause the fans feel like family
Niggas wild
For attention like it never leaves
Cool it now
New edition come in every week
I don’t get attached
Papa taught me that
Play me it’s a wrap
Never double back
Jumped off porches
I had to take my portion
I’m tryna build my fortune
I had to cut my losses
And so I