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HDBeenDope - Mirror

Labb, Labb, Labb

[Verse 1]
Friends tell me that I got it all
Say I'm popping 'cause they know less
Whip through life like I ain't lost
On the road but I'm so stressed
City hopping and you ain't call
I ain't even in the door yet
Feel like I been falling way off
They still tell me that I'm up next
I should be up right now
Fans in the stands by now
But they don't even know about the sound
And the boy been 'round
What did I gross
5 thou
5 thou
5 thou
Keep it 10 toes down
Niggas tell me I'm in motion
Couple shorties getting open
I ain't calling I'm too focused
Getting older I ain't growing
Bitch I really think the time's ticking
Gotta get it now
Bitch I really need a mil when sun arouse
Mirror say I need to slow it down
Mirror talk, I never hear a sound
Mini verbal that's the shit I hurdle
'Cause if I ain't growing
I ain't one for talking
Niggas help you just to say you owe 'em
This ain't Sunday service
Homie fuck your offering
My mirror help with the grind
'Cause I be fucking up from time to time
Gotta get it this shit is divine
Flow fire
That is alkaline
Words from my mirror
Only one to get it
Light up on a nigga
When they throwing shade
Lately I been tripping
Fucking up the vision
Wonder what's the difference
These days
My mirror won't say a word to me
My mirror just flipped a bird to me
Oh, Oh
My mirror ain't been the same on me
My mirror just flipped the game on me
Me and my mirror
Run it back
Run it back
Run it back
Run it back
Run it back
Me and my mirror
Run it back
Run it back
Run it back
Run it back
Run it back
Me and my

[Verse 2]
Lately we not speaking
Devil creeping on my halo
I shouldn't be breathing
Clearly I got me some angels
Don't think I'm gon' make it
Man that's all up in your head
More talks with your mirror
I bet all them thoughts are dead
Calls losing service
Mirror in the furnace
I think you should save 'em
Probably isn't worth it
Mirror just a burden
Mirror got no purpose
Time to close the curtain
Leave 'em under surface
My mirror on some dumb shit
My mirror lazy in abundance
My mirror never go to functions
My mirror losing by the hundreds
Swear you just be talking
Never moving on it
Bullet to the head
And leaking is a fortune
Comfort what you lost in
Never count your losses
Bet you dying dormant
Scared to live enormous
My mirror moving backwards
My mirror never taking action
My mirror always on a mattress
My mirror don't know how to plan shit
Run from greatness
Chase the changes
Stay impatient
Soul for payment
Fuck what faith is
Move through spaces
With no basis
No complacence
So you chaining
Head inflated
My mirror flow seamless
My mirror really is a genius
My mirror son 'em like he Phoenix
But my mirror never gon' be shit