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HDBeenDope - Not Yet (Ft. Angela Adusah)


[Verse 1]
It seems like everybody's sleeping on me
I peep the time
It seems that motherfucker's speeding on me
I need a sign
And listen
When I say a sign
I mean divine intervention
Better yet
Somebody with a sine to get up in my mentions
At it seven days
Fourteen seven for the hours
'Cause I gotta take the three
Just to eat, sleep and shower
Go tell that to the bloggers
They don't notice that
I sent them all a couple tracks
They never wrote me back
I'm hoping that
These blind niggas finally see my light
Tell Rosenberg it only takes a tweet to change my life
But oh no, no
You phonies only give your lenses to that
Wack shit
World on my shoulders but my word travels the
Please tell me
Who you know
Making all his beats and his videos
Who you know
Kill it with the rhyme and be booking shows
Who you know
Giving all he got till nothing's left
He got it moving by hisself
And they still rest
You think you got it
Not Yet
[Chorus x2]
You think you got it
Not Yet
Take your time
Don't worry 'bout the love
Just focus on the grind
Thinking you got it
Not Yet
Have some patience
Think you got it now
But your potential is amazing

[Verse 2]
Fuck you talking patience?
I been waiting so long
I refuse to be insane
I'm thinking waiting's all wrong
Can you tell these bills to wait?
You can't tell these bills to wait
So how long am I s'pose to go
With top ramen up on my plate
I need commas up in my cake
I need olives all in my bank
I need ownership of my acres
That's collars for where I lay
You talking patience
But my mama steady aging
Bitch I need
I need
I need to get my mama veggie ranging
Fuck your patience
And I tried to stay gracious
But aimless roaming
Got my mind spinning like some daytons
Talking patience
My baby hungry
Plus I just learned I got a baby in my lady tummy
Now I been working on these flows since I was younger
Due to waiting
I got the role as the family fuck up
And you talking waiting more
What the fuck I'm waiting for
I been ready
No delaying
But all you could say is
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
I come to you as just a man
No I don't got the answers
Hopefully I can sway your thoughts
It seems you're moving backwards
First off please tell me how are you slept on
People can only sleep on you if you ain't moving at all
It seems like that's the problem
That got your clothes sodden
Tearing but knowing you
You'll probably blame it on the pollen
And why you talk about them niggas as if they ain't nada
Overcompensation got your skin looking like a dollar
Watching a
Ton of them niggas make it
That makes your faith go vacant
Frame is opaque when hating
We cannot see your greatness
Praying on validation
That's 'cause you're insecure
Talking reckless
Move like nexus
That just might open doors
But what you do when you're in and you ain't got the skill
And now you caught what you wanted
Somehow you're chasing still
Try'na be great
You gotta
Fix what you can change
That starts with
You and not the game
But you complain
[Chorus x2]

Drive slow homie
You never know homie
Drive slow homie
You never know homie
About these flows homie
You better pump your brakes
And drive slow homie