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HDBeenDope - Post Conventional (Ft. Thutmose)


[Chorus x2]
Run up to the sun
Until you can't get no higher
When I was young
They said don't play with the fire
And still we burn
And still we burn

[Verse 1]
Took the bait
When I grabbed that strap
(Boy you know better)
Mama paid
But I skipped that class
(Boy you know better)
I'm just try'na find a way out
Niggas on a mission for the takeout
So before I eat
I bring it to the house like
Okay man
I think I got it
Need the M's like I'm low on folic
We working for it
They running pockets like
Okay man
Don't touch my whip
Pussy on the line
So I whip that whip
I reversed that whip
Then I crashed that whip
Gone off the henny
Like it's ordinary
I don't need the berries
I just take it straight
Cup is super empty
Sipping when I'm ready
Niggas try to tempt
I don't really drink
Gone off the tree
She don't love me
Damn I'm switching topics
Blame it on the chronic
I ain't really 'bout it
But sometimes you gotta
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Certain I could fuck all my exes
(Not me)
Bitch I don't claim you
Golden soul
Way before the necklace
And I been a starter
You could check the pendant
Meeting hoes and I think I found wifey
Guess I yearn for a lady in my life
Low key I already found wifey
Fucked up 'cause the time ain't right
I know
I know
I know you love me, yeah
I know
I know
Sometimes it's muddy, but
I'm a fiend for the you
For the yams
But the dream's saying fuck romance
So bump that
Bump that
This my jam
Mama told me
Fuck all these hoes
So what I'm gone do
Fuck all of these hoes
Nah, nah
Need somebody that's gon' be around
As of late they come and go
Not enough to make me aroused
You gotta leave if you just won't grow
Fourteen talking child support
That's my mama's way of try'na have the talk
That's a couple grand
Every month
'Cause your ass ain't wrap it up
Shorty over she's so willing
Forgot the rub and I'm still in it
Felt like love
Please don't rush
Bands per month
But we must
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Thutmose]
Calm down and just love yourself
Like I love myself
6'1 with 16s, that's pedophilia
Dark lines hit the web, I'm such a villain
Im the venom, better tell em, 4 they come for blood
I know felons, pop ur melons, screaming fuck the judge
MC with a Big D like I rep McDonald's
Savage, booty lavish like a ghetto model
So you know I gotta lick it 4 for I stick it
Running through the game
I don't really wanna change
I don't really wanna hear from ya
I just really wanna dance on ya
Don't worry cuz In here for ya
Fuck the lames cuz they testing ya
Yeah yeah they can't fuck with us
So pass the light, so we could puff
And start to touch, from dawn to dusk

[Chorus x3]