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HDBeenDope - Pressure

Bring the drums in
Alright now the bass

[Chorus x2]
No pressure
I'm just waiting darling
When I think 'bout you
But when I see your face oh baby
I don't know what to do

[Verse 1]
I met you yesterday
After sessions of gram scrolling
Caught my attention
'Cause you didn't have your ass showing
That shit is normal these days
Not saying all is this way
Ain't self appraised
But they still get the praise
But back to you
Can't hit your DM
'Cause you're way too fucking popular
You're probably O B noxious
But if you ever meet me
Ain't no way that you won't love me
I'm amazing
If you dub me you're a dummy
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Saturday morning
I'm busy doing the regular
Working on these tracks
Got nothing more on my scheduler
And I'll admit I spent some days in this outfit
Way too concentrated
Like a nigga stayed in Auschwitz
Upon recording here a ring from my cellular
Thought to ignore it
Because they probably won't be telling much
Decide to pick it up
My mans is talking 'bout releasing party
I guess I'll go
A night away is what I'm needing partly
I wash my ass and grab my cash
I'm 'bout to leave
I fill the gas
'Cause mama let me take the V
I walk in giving dap
To all my dogs I see
Sit with acquaintance
Conversation to a dilla beat
Look who walked in
You just walked in
Without your 50,000 follows
So it's way less daunting
Is this the universe
Or maybe this luck
Is it luck?
I went the whole night
And didn't say what's up
[Chorus x2]

Next I see you
Ooh baby it's on
Like I had just flipped a switch
Girl it's on
Once you realize that you need me
It's on
Fuck got you taking so long?

[Chorus x4]