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HDBeenDope - Proper Introduction

[Verse 1]
It’s that ‘94 nigga, and I’m reppin ‘94
Quick to erase a pussy nigga, like I bust nine-fours
See I’m a homebody, but I’m probably joined by your hottie
You be claiming you're a diamond, but your glitter man like liberace
Spit ill verses now they ask how much a verse is
The used to water bottles, but this flow ain’t up for purchase
You the type to talk shit, and never ever make a move
I’m the type to have your chick giving me blumpkin in your bathroom
Like fuck a masses, I’m just trying to make it happen
You can’t break a nigga down, so no need to go at him
Swear these chicks be acting different when they think you might get played next
So if a nigga hit, I’ll leave emotions in the latex
Now chickee check it on any record I’m sure to wreck it
If they group me with any rapper, I hope he cool with second
I’m back now, I did not mean to keep y’all waitin’
Now tell ‘em make room for greatness