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HDBeenDope - Two P's


[Verse 1]
New to the function
Don't know how to function
I was trying to function
With the bitch from the junction
Awkward but vodka will turn it around
She lighting one up and she breaking one down
Passing the torch and I'm caught in the middle
I'm saying a lot but not making a sound
3-pointer and it's all on me
3-pointer and we all take three
Lame ass nigga if I think about it
So it's pop, pop, pop, don't think about it

[Verse 2]
But hold up let me go back
I ain't never smoked tree
I ain't never sipped yak
I was all about the beats
Wasn't really 'bout the raps
On the phone with D cause he hit my jack, my nigga
Small party on Saturday
Come through, let's build
Young and dumbing, thinking that we gon chill
But you would not know that
A party ain't a party with no weed and some head
Call some , call some , call some bitches tell em , tell em bring they friends Uh
All my niggas tryna fuck , tryna fuck. Why you scared nigga hit the blunt ,hit the blunt. 2x

[Verse 3]
Loose yourself, take a sip
Why you scared, take a hit
See you so take a dip
I've been there no need to trip
Last night fucked up
This morning fucked up
Everyday fucked up
We all know shit but turn up