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HDBeenDope - Yellow Goose

Labb, Labb, Labb
How I sound?
That's cool?
Studpid niggas want to talk 'bout
Whatever, whatever
He ain't rapping no more
Niggas know
Niggas know
You know
You know
That's all I'm saying
You know what I mean
I'm good tho right?

Silly fucks start to complain like he don't rap no more
Ay yo I think he might be changing 'cause the cash off tour
You stupid
Heard the melody
Like what is he doing
Let me explain
Matter fact just don't watch my movements
Got shit moving
But that don't mean a nigga ain't bummy
Where's the money you said changed me bitch a nigga still hungry
So hungry I'd marry your mother just to kill her for the insurance check cash it at the bank then buy mad chicken
Swear you really saying something you just adlibing
A Brooklyn nigga never been one for the ass kissing
So I'm learning on own
I'd rather get it by my lonely
And once I plan the plot
I'm taking everything y'all owe me
Whoa who am I kidding y'all don't owe me shit
But that still don't change the fact I'm taking that and this
Flow too swift
It's some shit you cats won't get
You'll end up losing both your arms try'na catch my drift
I float don't trip
These done flows got them pissed
I heard some niggas still mad off a so called diss
Nigga in the 90z but I don't hug no block
Only for the hood I don't hug no clock
Lames play the field and they end up on the wrong move
Catch a buck 50
Now we always see your buck tooth
Flip em now his bucks loose
Bucking so you buck too
I ain't on that I'm just try'na get it how the Bucks do
A mil on the walkie bitch I need that now
And you could never say you bought me and them splits gon' vouch
If not I'm bounce
Because I have no doubt
That you'll regret you way of thinking try'na count me out
I see y'all lounging on the beach chairs
Me I rock fleece here
They're up now but watch em fall later like a leap year
That's not ill wishes
Homie we're just built
I'm sailing for destinations
Y'all just in here to be swimming
In the hood for a minute then I'm back on flights
After the set they scream the name then I'm back on mics
Ayo I'm back like 45 I'm a smooth criminal
Did you catch the angle or maybe that's too literal
Spew pivotal
Rhymes let you bump it and you learn through osmosis
When they mention HD just tell em he been the dopest
At the brasserie but in the crib it's still ramen
They say you running shit my nigga
Nah I'm still jogging
Losing out on information
Because you're closed minded
That's like mining everyday and skipping over diamonds
We ain't vibing
No rules bitch
It's Armageddon
That means it's time for straps
And the armor getting
Taking everything you stacked
If there are more get em
Long sleeves
No need for gats when you are a weapon
See the moves now you so called happy
Say it's love but I knows better that's rhinoplasty