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Iniquity Rhymes - Done It All (Ft. Marka)

I've done it all and I ain't turnin back now
I've come too far there ain't no way no how
That I'ma give up, cause if I fall I'ma get up
Just deliver to some expectations that you all heard
But I've done it all - not you but me
Nobody works harder or longer
So get off of my case if you can't do
All of the things that I do
Cause what I do fly right by you
You can try to but I've Done It All!

_Verse 1_
Ever since I was a kid I wanted to change the lives
Of many while perfecting a craft, to be the best at it
I want these kids to hear my music, be inspired by the truest
Lyrics, fire on all cylinders, don't test my grip
'Niquity Rhymes out here rapping with substance, wreckin' shit
Wicked and climbing charts, no time to part, my legacy quest in which
I'm rising to the top, Purple Army we will rock the world
With our determination, pound your fist upon your chest, let's get
What's rightfully ours, rhymes full of power man and none will fall
I'll wipe it and scour 'til enemies cower, I've Done It All
I believe I've brought enough force that'll help
Achieve routes in the course
See no evil, wow 'em, of course
I'll strike through fast and break down These Walls
It's crazy to see how far I've come, I promise I won't stop
The favorite to be the victor by my fans, the champ will drop
Don't try to test me homie, I promise you I've Done It All
I promise you I've Done It All!

_Verse 2_
You can try to replicate my stride, I'm on my game
I'm sweepin' by while haters hate but trust the goal ain't fame
I do it for the music, give your heart I won't abuse it
They're losing the bad aftertaste the radio gave 'em
I'm the savior, I've Done It All and I'll do more
Just give me time to shine, I'm dusting off these beats
The moment I wake it's time to rhyme
Unspoken? No way, my grind will shine
I'm focused my prey will choke to its grave
I'm hoping you crave my music, I'm brave
Condelences paid, this time it's mine
I'm not a rapper I'm an artist with a heart of gold
Don't classify me with the garbage, sense is hard to hold
On a roll, watch these cats get schooled bitch cuz I'm honor roll
Oughta fold, lodge these wack dudes through hits cuz I slaughter foes
With your support holding me up the sky's the limit now
My core is blessed with your love but believe I'm not finished how
Could I stop when the world's still full of non believers?
Elite status, I'll achieve it - nah they can't doubt me
I've done it all!