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J-Yak - Genius (Ft. Devers, Ex's (Nysay) & John Daniel)


Bang With Jackson, the anglo-saxon
Can't see him on cash, like Abraham's hat brim
Slowly Baffling, every rapper that's aft'r him
Nothing but back rim, my buzz sorta like packed tins
The flows heavy, they can't swim, provide levies
Like Jackson, Andrew, And you, aren't ready to handle
The man who flows like glowin candles
Stand huge... getting big like growing handles
Its a scandal... tracks splitting their cantelopes
Hidden insight, im rippin mics with anecdotes
Still I Let it all fall out like Janet Jackson tho.. woah
Faded fresh off a super bowl
Genius, 9th wonder shit, send it to the funeral
Turn it to a urinal, looking back a year ago
And seeing the progression, like watching some Ch-Ch-Chias grow
I'm off the map, like commercial-driven vehicles
Free-to-blow, Smoke in the direction that Katrina roamed
In-ward, with game colder than blizzards
Cold as 'Soda pop-but, most you rappers full of bull-shit like
Derek Roses locker..Thad Matta, with buck eyes
These tough guys, are so su-prised
I dump these punchlines, must i, disrupt guys, above i?
Fuck why, cuz why not...
I made it due to Entourage jus like Saigon
Bygones are bygones, I try on these....
Various styles, then spit it back like a python
Nothing but nylon, clear to see I made it genius
I'm the addition of John Wall, don't play Arenas
I remain in Bleachers, rap as mainly features
But represent a wide possy of creative creatures
Peace up, and please up your speakers
To find out, what the hell's this Genius shit he speaks of
[John Daniel]

With or without dap, welcome to the introduction
The whereabouts in tact, help the Midwest function
Met the fork in the road, saying fuck a junction
Hear my stomach rumblin', ya label's a luncheon
Passive with the passion, hope ya seatbelts fastened
I March through Madness without fillin' out a bracket
It's me on a beat, so notepads tend to worry
You dudes put mics/Mike's to sleep like Conrad Murray
I guess I can relate, cause I end up killin' em
Or like kids were with Mike, they end up feelin' em
The haters put will in him, they say I'm well played
Some gotta face regrets everyday like Yung L.A
Young Elway, that's a well away from drying up
I'm well arranged, not the type to admire luck
Supplyin' snuff, while these fuck boys advancin
Been seein' bars so long, call me young Chuck Manson
This ya last hope, watch the lead start freelancin'
'Til you walkin' 'longside ghosts, like Ted Danson
You are just a stand in, the masses ain't feelin' ya
That's cool, I'm Gadhafi and the rest is playing Libya
I've had enough, so it's time to alarm 'em quick
Goin' 'gainst my whole branch, y'all armed with sticks
There's never been +GOOD Music+ without Common Sense
Wait, there's never been +GOOD Music+ without a Consequence
I'm a problem, #5 when the evens were assigned
There's no solvin', 'less you tryna stay far from behind
I'm not a poor soul, or rich with talent
But I've been pushin' it to a T, half comprised of Malice
I've arrived as valid, try to adjust to this balance
Had the game pick my brain and gave it a cleft pallete
We have you surrounded, crowd dumbfounded
Pound for pound I leave 'em numb, and found dead

Its the face of a genius, tho the eyes of a fighter
I see em Christian bail and run out at the spark of my lighter
In spite of, the sight of doom when its present
I close the door upon the devil when its knockin from on top of the heavens
And in my presence fail inevitably, please
Puts your guns down clown and fix your wobbly knees
365 days and even more ways im killem
I turned em 360 degrees and hung up the will in em
I tend to give a little back, every track cold
Said infact, reynold wrap tight... with black soles
And these plaques show... they can't fuck with me
Still around, round 3, see me swinging for more
So..close... heart outta my chest, at best
Flex, tryna show my double helix/he-lexxx
So suprised so repressed...blessed
Evil genius smarts, flow’s growin from the start
Showin.. how a pro stays throwin darts
Locally grown, so close to the throne
Tho these people only see me in the light thats been shown
Til im blowin up the west, im kobe strokin his best
Im always close to the gold, the treasure beats in my chest
My pleasure to bring you rhymes you neva eva contest with
So pull the lever, devers check this
Ever so invested, sicker than congested
Noses snortin powdery compounds, born to astound
Born to with stand, the mighty altered hand of the man
The band stand bangs, the snare maintains
The beat seeps in creeps through my deep veins
Could you, tell me why should I stay sane?
Holdin the same mic that flamed your gang with propane
Ey... but its really just a peace sign thang
Throw it up while my shit bangs.. while my shit bangs

They never honest in responses, fit predictability
The villain in the will of me is killing me
Questioning ability and billing me, finding ways to tax Zach
I swear - emotions fluctuate as much as the Nasdaq
It's funny, hung around this cold girl called karma
Never listened to the bitch, in regard to my honor
Got my Berlin Wall on - so nothing she could call upon
Till shame caved in, the dialed buttons she garnered -
Now-, from living with her grew quickly sick of the bitching
So the only girl I'm kissing now, my mother and sisters
Know another bitch always hooked on material matters
Tryna' contemplate myself whether material matters
You say that you believe in me; for all the wrong reasons
Grieve that I don't need you, I don't need appeasement
You don't know me, and I don't want to know who you are
But it's ironic.... She gives me substance for bars, yeah
It's two slashes with your soul in the middle
Going bowling with my motives so he roll in the riddles
But there's a role in the riddles, I just try to make sense of it
Incentives lit for sentences and censoring the censorship
My mother tells me that my touch strikes gold
But they don't see it.... See I don't rock nice clothes
Like, tell me dude, who you tryna impress?
If you around a lot of gavels you allow in distress
It's the struggle to survive and resist, in difference
With the struggle to take it in and make amends with being different
Now tell me, what;s the one thing in the world that can be on itself?
My mind is on my mind, so they questioning my honest health
But fuck it, I know where I'm at, and where I'm 'bout to be
Get out your seats with "how can he's" and stretched arms outwardly
....These motherfuckers tryna shake my hand
But I put it on my mother you'll never break my man.. nah