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Jasper Sawyer - In the Morning

Verse 1
Ooh Girl, Girl, Girl what we been waiting on
Girl, Girl, Girl I'm ready for your love
In the morning when I rise
I want to wake and see your smile
No I won't run like the other ones
Feel my touch in the morning cause

Girl, Girl, Girl
You won't cry no more
No, No, No don't you show me the door
Cause this love is gonna stay
I said I'd go running in the rain
Aw you're my one, one and only
We'll catch the sun in the morning

It's on I'm not leaving
This love got me dreaming
I know what you're needing
I'll be here in the morning

Come on no more thinking
Don't cry we ain't leaving
One love I'm believing
Wake up no more dreaming

Girl, Girl, Girl, I'll be here
In the morning
Do you believe me girl

Verse 2:
Girl, Girl, Girl, don't you be acting shy
Girl, Girl Girl, let your heart out tonight
I still believe in love, I still believe in you
Oh they all leave by the morning
You're seeing me in the morning

Oh Girl, Girl, Girl we've put in too much time
So No, No, No I'm not gonna leave your life
In the morning when you rise
I want to stare into your eyes
Oh you're the one that I'm wanting
Let's catch the sun in the morning


In the morning time girl I'ma make it through the night
That's a bet baby you can have it anyway you like
See you used to doing things in the P.M. well let me introduce you to the A.M.
See try to understand they call me Peter Pan
Let's fly be my Wendy but we might not Neverland
Your love is only worth the love of classy gentle men
You say I'm one of them so let me be your man come on

Chorus 2X