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JayO - Forbidden Fruit (Ft. CAMZINO)

[Hook: J. Cole]

Me and my bitch, took a little trip
Down to the garden, took a little dip (oh no)
Apple juice falling from her lips took a little sip, little sip
Took a little sip, took a little sip
T-T-Took a little, took a little, took a little sip

[Verse1: Camzino]
Riding with my niggas I don’t need no bitch
Her hair done sick, but I don’t even notice
Fresh new kicks, come babes take a trip

Good Intentions like Adam
I need eve in this bitch
Rhyming so blessed
Like I sneezed in this bitch
Throwing indirects at you
Get it?

I’m too lyrical to doubt me
Tell that nigga please
No bitches around me
Won’t see her again
I promise
Ain’t even cocky
Just modest
I’m being honest

Wordplay sick I ain't worried bout nothing
Riding with my niggas I’m just stunting
I ain’t worried bout you
So don’t worry bout me
Bitches in my dm’s
They just catting for some D

She on that ds
She brain training

Talking all that bs
Fucking paigons
Nigga don’t save them

Bitches tryna put you in a trap like
These niggas talking like they live a trap life

Fucking joke men
Pleased don’t provoke me
I’ll come back with the lyrical matic
And let the ting squeeze!
Bare bars in your face
Do it like ye
808’s and Heartbreak

Lemme slow it down
Looking round town like
‘Where the fuck my crown?’
Can’t you see the way I hold it down