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Jeff Williams - I'm the One

Welcome to the bloodbath jump into the tub
Fist-fight, death-match come and join the club
Kick-start your face with a metal-clad boot
You should give up now your retaliation's moot

I'll run circles round ya I can touch the sky
I' m gonna make ya hurt and I'm gonna make you cry
You want to mess around? Well come on let's go
I got no time to waste let's start the show

I'm the one that your mama said
'Don't mess with them or you'll end up dead
That type they don't follow any rules'

You're looking tall you're looking tough
I'm sorry dude, it's not enough
Your girlfriend's purse won't help you win this duel

The bigger they are then the more that they bleed
The deeper the scars that won't heal
Buckets of pain as they lie there in shame
Knowing how true defeat feels

I'm the one
That was born in a nightmare a murderer's son
got no gun
But I gleam like a blade and I'm harder than iron

I'm the one
Who rose out of filth and was loved by no-one
I'll steal til your blind and defeat you from inside your mind

You're still standing up? Well let's go another round
Singin' king of pain and you're gonna get crowned
You like the way I dress? Yeah i know I'm fine
The blood's gonna stain but it won't be mine

Just chill here while I drop into the brush
See you when I land and you're gonna feel the crush
Lay right down and grab a little rest
I guess you didn't know that you were dealing with the best

You shoulda stayed at home today
This fisticuff won't go your way
This confrontation isn't just for school

It might be hard to hear me say
Kicking your ass is child's play
I hope you're not crushed by this ridicule

A slap on the wrist and a kick to the chin
A hint of the flavor of steel
No one to blame it's the end of the game
The humiliation is real

I'm the one
That was ripped from the earth and exposed to the sun
By the hate and the beatings defiled by a father

I'm the one
I'll race with your eyes and you'll never outrun
Will conquer your mind and will make you fulfill my design