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Jewels - Drunk On The Floor

I’m drunk on the floor
And I’ve been here before
And the last time I was there
Nobody seemed to care
But tonight, I’ve got my best friends by my side

I’m drunk on the floor
And I know I can’t have more
And the party isn’t fun
‘Cause I can’t see anyone
As I slowly blackout on the sidewalk outside

I’m slipping away
I don’t wanna feel this way
My friends call me a cab
And make sure that I get back, okay
And I’m home

I wake up high eyes dead
I hear voices in my head
Telling me to get up
Asking if I’m still fucked
Even though I’m the only one awake in my room

I’m still on track
But I don’t wanna go back
My stomach feels like shit
Like I’m falling down a pit, all day
But I’m okay
I move on feeling fine
I’m trying to stay in line
I’m back to work again
And I’ll try to make amends
With my misinformed and misguided behavior