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Jherek Bischoff - The Secret of the Machines (Ft. Caetano Veloso & Greg Saunier)

[Caetano Veloso]
Torn from the mountainside
And the mind we melt in the pit
Cast, wrought and hammered there
By design we're cut, tooled and fitted
We can pull and haul and push, lift, drive, print, plough and weave
And light
We can run and race and swim, fly, dive, see, hear, and count
And write

[Caetano Veloso]
Shall we pipe water down
From the snows that fall in the hills
Turning your water wheels
As it flows through cities and gristmills
It is easy! Give us your drills
The hard shouldered rocks will quake
As the thirsty valley with dammed floods fills up and turns to lake