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John Daniel - 316

[Verse 1]

This the type of shit you gotta put a pen to pad to
Lookin’ better with the scars, I befriend my battles
Depend on casual dependence and a paddle
Up shit’s creek, unleashed with blazing saddles
Far better when tar and feathered, motivation
No probabtion but the cop’s quota’s waitin’
Quote my statement, devoted to the pavement
Cold leads to hold leash on Minnesota’s vagrant
That’s me, took a backseat when offered shotgun
Problem, I never knew I had a mind until I lost one
So I sit comfortably, I won’t need to take a wheel
If this seat’s underneath me
Peace Guru but fuck mass appeal
I’m tryna surpass how I feel with my last laugh concealed
Plastic mask revealed, blood half past the windchill
Hold my breath, Iet’s see how fast I can crash the windshield

[Verse 2]
Every cough, inhale is another coffin nail
Smoke and mirrors revealed when the plot prevails
I solemnly swear to leave Solomon scared
Swallow my cares and just pocket the prayer
Yeah, draped shoulders when they send sparks
Just tryna take over, like Grove Street did Glen Park
When my pen charts is a steady bread lead
Amphetamine when I brew a deadly medley
Melody, meddling with Melle Mel’s memories
This could be a reverie of ninety-three in NYC
And I be, crossing paths with the trailblazers
Frail fakers, deal makers, appeal breakers
Leave craters, take and steal steel layers
Of what’ s concealed, we major
Poly with the problematic
I tread upon the static, leave baggage
I’m between what’s tragic, who’s real and Illmatic
[Verse 3]
In a dream we’re livin’, partly robbed by the givens
I scream fuck the system, avant garde my position
On the forest floor, hand in the spider’s trapdoor
Stature endured by the sight of the pasture, or
I’m in need of prescription, addiction
Big into predictions of my own affliction
‘Cuz I feel coveted, could give a fuck if it
Leaves me sufferin’ as long as struggle’s bufferin
No subtle troubles in – my perspective
Skip breakfast just to make a mess of investments
Unless it’s, the world conspiring against me
I don’t have friends, just aspiring enemies
Plenty beef, they send me rented remedies
I got a vent full
No matter what substance sent through
Through this pencil
I reimburse it, TENFOLD