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John Daniel - Crow

88 keys, cocaine, antifreeze
Play these, hands free, kill shit handsomely
And it’s me, my portrait portrays
A cordless, I can’t afford being bored with low pay
Exercise incisions, exorcised victim
X’s and Y’s with him, tryna hide behind the hidden
The new Holden, holding hands behind
A shank in one hand, the weapon isn’t mine
Told sins are by design, I think I ended up fine
Showed a couple signs that this moleskine's not benign
Prone to pencil bias, suspect such
Stoned temples I pilot, so expect Plush
My point’s fuck all these impressions
Church coin cup, from me? Collect dust
I’m leaving when it’s suitable, here’s a classic
A leader of the new school, but the whole class sick
Provocation is a problem propped and placed in
My placement, never trust a snuffed statement
No shadow to show, they say I’m lost and found
Sunbeams or something made ‘em point to the ground
Dark artist, part heartless
The track sparks it, cartels and black markets
Fall apart, wire barbed cut with poison
Filling up any passage you can put noise in