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John Daniel - Dark Art

Triple six three six teens, Three 6 Mafioso, not coastal
Bloody scene, prolly postal, antisocial
Somethin to toast to
No body to float to, second guess tryna possess the Pro Tools
Fuck being local, I’m loco
Crazy, insane maybe
Human traits fading, solution ain’t saline
A prosthetic prophet with pathetic profits
On lock, they can’t stop it
Let’s not get off topic
Every time I drop new CD’s
I guarantee they’ll be overseen by 2DBZ
Fuck blog love, I got a lot of pride to swallow
Askin’ God, yo, think I can borrow tomorrow?
I’m between Aesop Rock and ASAP Rocky
Xerox copies, if I’m in your iPod dock – these
Red dots is not lost, they’re locked and plot-ing
It’s give dap season for no reason
What’s the need in Wiz being on RapGenius?
Strangle a Taylor in a Terrible Towel
Mangled and foul, with cerebal vowels
Before me, or Based God
Catch a case with Mase and mace God
Ross from a distance, John Doe right here
All the top rappers named after light beer
Kickin’ what dope shit? At least he’s focused
Me? I’m hopeless, but envy the commotion
Caused by calling his name, I’m running a train
On tracks, Mac’s wack
But 6 months from know, you’ll say you already knew that
I slash Sam Adam’s Adam’s apple
With some shrapnel
Like Malcolm, in the ballroom
Get your hand out my pocket!!!
Just to stall doom
Hold on to your snapback and pen, voice the dispatch again
Chris Webby’s voice has me doing lines of aspirin
Questions that I’m asking him, “are you who I should admire?”
“A clown for hire, who was unaware of bars three months prior?”
Paid conniver, putting blades in his vaporizer
Fuck your attire
Your entire style’s bitten, a bland piece
This the reason faggot rappers can’t stand me
Talking about Cudi rubs these understudies the wrong way
Or Mr. Taylor Gang’s bald scrap from Kanye
You are in a post-bomb haze, Nagasaki
Carbon copies, you cannot top me
Unless you’re froth on this concoction
Left life coup, yup, we stay steady mobbin’
Sistine sixteens, pristine glistening
Gangrene itching, that scenes missing
New dudes, stay strong, and they ask why
John Daniel, Roman Numeral, X-V-fucking-I