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John Daniel - Dead Drops (Ft. Giovanni & Widikus)

[Intro] - John Daniel

Bitch, this that Left Life shit
Know what I'm sayin'?
I'm in my fuckin grey fleece
Lookin' like a fuckin' stormy sky
With Gym Leader Giovanni and Widikus
Suck a dick

[Verse 1] - Widikus

Got me fucked up in the air, up, up in the air
Can't touch me, brotha I been puffin' the rare
Rillo tucked in my hair, dumb numb at the function
Devil stuck in my stare, fucked up beyond repair
You can tell I'm on my xan by the slack in my lip
Full stack on a zip, bruh I'm crack in the whip
Y'all profits on hobbit, full packs gettin lit
Said it's only for the homies we ain't passin you shit

[Verse 2] - Giovanni

Look into my eyes, dawg, all you see is red
I got the blood of the elixir that'll get you out your head
Pray to god they don't attest me, prolly butcher off your head
Man if I can promise one thing, I can promise that I'm dead
Cuz I'm smokin all these drugs, and they fuckin' up my head
Nevermind, it's a crazy world that's why I stay in bed
Never mind what I said, cuz nevermind I forgot
You really high you mothafuckas, yea we get that a lot
Plus my rhymes is magical, I put the crack in pot
Then we mix the two together, get to crackin some cops
Push your posse back a little, we don't like y'all a lot
Plus your pussies got a stench, please cover your crotch
[Verse 3] - John Daniel

Look, you got me fucked up, flick me up with my ones up
Back against the cut with these beer suds and blunt guts
By the armored truck, posted up, calm as fuck
Karma can't call my bluff, you gon' take the fall or what?
Told 'em stay up, shit they ask me how I'm livin'
I'm Vincent Vega if he ain't leave his tec in the kitchen
Bitches, and these hoes did me wrong, acting gone
When they checkin' to see if their names in my songs

[Verse 4] - Widikus

Bro I'm solo, posted on the ocean floor
Know the keys'll do it, but I'm hopin pounds'll open more
Open doors, bitches gettin stuck ?????
Savage to the core, ya boy been had hope for war
My trips got as much baggage as my bitch
Throw the tabs under my tongue, never coming back from this shit
Hash dabs in the whip, alprazolam in my drips
10 Deep to the feet on some dapper Zach shit, like

[Verse 5] - Giovanni

Left Life gods, man, what am I to say
I smoke a blunt and eat an apple just to live another day
Plus the pills my doctor gave me, they ain't workin' for the pain
I prolly take three more, and just go about my day
Ain't no worries, ain't no problems in my world, I'm cool
We just kickin', bickin' back, gettin trippy like a fool
Spittin' hard as a dragon, blowin' fire in the booth
We ain't the type for askin' questions, knock the taste up out your tooth
Ain't nobody look familiar, we don't function with your group
Please be cautious when I'm talkin, pistols aimin' at your crew
Left Life til I die, homie sick as swine flu
[Verse 6] - John Daniel

Bottles popped and black drops, it be the backdrop
Til I get to stuntin', servin' Iggy up some backshots
Read the inkblots, know it's just all in the plot
My squad only calmed by crops and a palm to pop
Russian above the brim, like it's Castro daps
Ask me where the fuck I've been, I need the cash, all that
Bitch I'm Gyarados to these ten thousand lakes
I think I'm Vibe cover Wayne in multicolored Bape